Automation equipment design, control, machine vision application, CIM, equipment manufacturing, etc.
  we will grow up to develop the technology for the best performance and grow into a market-   

  leading technology-intensive company.
  therefor we investing heavily in research and development.
  Furthermore, we try to future-oriented technology development and market development with the     

  collaborative robot and robot vision system
  We will lead the convergence of automation technology and new technology through various     

  technologies such as IOT and ICT
  Our goal is to grow become the world's best system integration company.

Management Philosophy


Direction rather than speed,

Process rather than result,

Sincerity rather than greed,


  Let's go together!

​경기도 용인시 기흥구 흥덕1로 13 P157 (흥덕아이티밸리)

Tel  : 031) 8065-5581


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